The Organizing Committee has settled the last details in sight of the race which will take place on Sunday, 27 September.

Four days before the start of the international mountain bike race which will transform Iseo and Franciacorta into the centre of sporting attention, the picture of the situation is essential for staff, athletes and other people.
All bikers will start and end their physical exertions in Iseo, facing up to the track of 38.6 km already tested during this year. The Gran Premio della Montagna in Mafa (Iseo) and the Madonna del Corno time trial in Provaglio (total difference in height: 187 m and max. gradient: 28%) will wait for them. Hoping for the respect for territory by the protagonists of this event, next Sunday the Organizing Committee will be supported by Legambiente too, for the maintenance of the course, clean and ready for the race.
As usual safety will be one of the most important aspects of this event of Brescia: besides five fixed mechanical helps, there will be 140 men belonging to the local sections of Protezione civile, 2 doctors and 50 helpers of the Italian Red Cross, 6 ambulances, 1 medical car and 1 off-road vehicle. Moreover, the support to athletes will be guaranteed by the Infopoint service (phone number: 334 61 05 759), the point for information which, inside the Expo area, will be active the day of the race from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m..
Cycling between vineyards and medieval castles will be more stimulating if athletes know the wonderful prize money prepared this year: 21.000 euros among money, trophies, objects and services. Moreover, all bikers who will cross the finishing line near the Palazzetto dello Sport in Iseo will take part in the drawing of 60 prizes by lot, while the first five sport groups with the highest number of cyclists (cumulative registration) will receive the “GimondiBike 2009” trophy created by Antonino Rando.
So all fans of mountain bike will have to be sure their bikes are ready for the big challenge, and pick up the race packages on Saturday, 26 September, from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., by the headquarters at the Palazzetto dello Sport.  

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