Awarded prizes to the best drawings. More than 300 works in competition, to confer success to this event.

The official prizegiving of the “Disegna la GimondiBike” competition has taken place this morning, by the library of Cazzago San Martino (Bs), in the presence of Angelo Buffoli, Spokesman for the Sports, Maria Rosaria Cassarino, Headmaster of “G. Bevilacqua” school, and Nino Nulli, main sponsor.

At its third edition, this competition was born in order to bring children near to this sport and make them have experience a new way of living their country. Last September, 28 the pupils who were attending the primary schools in Cazzago San Martino, Bornato and Pedrocca were present at the GimondiBike, the international mountain bike race, and they described it using colours and imagination. More than 300 drawings have been realized: today all little artists have received a T-shirt, while the luckier ones have celebrated this particular day with many drawn prizes, among which a wonderful mtb bike.

The Municipality of Cazzago San Martino and its three schools are ready for next edition of this competition. On the occasion of the GimondiBike 2009, on Sunday, 27 September, there will be a change: an area for pupils which, besides being the starting point for their creations, will let children support all bikers using banners, boards, etc.. Music and a fanciful Nutella Party will gladder their wait for competitors.

Thanks to its success, the Organizing Committee will suggest other towns (Iseo, Provaglio d’Iseo and Passirano) to take part in this competition and equip an area to watch the race from, in order to involve all protagonists. 

For information, entries and news about the GimondiBike, please contact:

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